A Note from our Managing Director on COVID-19

A Note from our Managing Director on COVID-19

April 7, 2020 – The National Gas Company (Belize) Ltd. (NGC), takes this opportunity to stand in solidarity with the people of Belize as we collectively navigate through this unprecedented time in history – the COVID-19 pandemic and national State of Emergency.

We salute our heroes on the frontlines of this fight including but not limited to nurses, doctors, lab technicians, men and women in uniform, public service workers and all those who put themselves at risk to provide us with services we so often take for granted. Thank you.

For its part, NGC will continue to prepare Belize’s sovereign capacity to directly access world markets for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), thereby strengthening Belize’s self-sufficiency and preparedness for emergencies such as this.   World market prices of petroleum products, including LPG acquired for sale in Belize,  have fallen significantly – caused in part by the pandemic. This lower acquisition price should be passed on to the Belizean consumer by way of the regulatory procedures established for LPG price setting.

We join our national leadership and technical experts as we ask Belizeans to heed official instructions to Stay Home.  The power lies with each individual to stop the spread of this virus for the for the safety of our families and loved ones, and for our beloved Belize.

Dr. Gilbert H. Canton
Managing Director
National Gas Company (Belize) Ltd.